There are several ways to personalise a tie. At first you have to define the kind of fabric and the width of the tie. Classical width is 8/m. It is possible to made thinner ties, for women or for men in more sporting backgrounds. There are the different ways to obtain customizations, here you’ll find the main ones.

“Yarn dyed” or “Jacquardwoven” tie

The most famous and appreciated personalisation technique is the jacquard one. This technique recreates, through the intersections of differently coloured yarns, logos, texts, drawings or patterns. In order to obtain a “jacquard-woven” tie we start from the frame where the cloth is manufactured and prepared to become a tie.
During the weaving,the rotation of differently coloured yarns recreate the chosen design. It can be used with one,two,three or more colours. The main colour creates the ground of the design and the other colours become decorations, patterns, texts and logos.
It is for sure the main technique in the making of the ties' cloth and it has an artwork cost shared on the total number of ties ordered for the first time, because it needs a specific preparation of the frame, specific for each personalised design.

Cravatta con lavorazione jacquard a 3 colori su seta 100%

Ties customized with printing

The printing personalisation technique starts from the white cloth. It will be printed with a colour, a design or a pattern by a digital printer, in which we put the original file with colours, design and defined logo. Once the fabric has been printed , it will be cut and ties or scarves will be confectioned.
This technique allows to obtain shaded colours and four-colour processes with photographic quality, which are impossible to make with other personalisation techniques.
It requires low costs of artwork for files 'elaboration and colours' definition.

Cravatta personalizzata con stampa inkjet digitale in quadricromia su seta

Customized tie with embroidery

Another way to personalise a tie, even though it is the less used, is the embroidery one. It is less used because it's not as dainty as the other techniques. The great advantage of using this technique is that every single piece is unique. It can be machine- or handmade and the common use is to put names' initials under the knot or in the bottom of the front tail. The same result could be obtained with the “jacquardwoven technique” but using that one it isn't possible to realize a single piece.
Single personalisation is obtainable just through embroidery.

cravatta personalizzata con ricamo sul fronte a 2 colori

Customizations on the back side of ties

Customizations made on lining

Choosing a design form the collection and customizing just the lining of the tie can be a very discreet way to personalise a tie. Logo could be visible just on the small triangle on the backside of the tie. The unknown factor of using a personalise tie as a present is that the receiver could use it or not because it contains an advertising message. In this way, provided that the receiver likes the pattern, problem is solved.
Realisation of lining is similar to the one of the cloth, made through textile frame weaving or printing. It is required a minimum order quantity to realise it.

Personalizzazione del retro cravatta con fodera personalizzata

Customizations with label or little buckle strap

Another well known and appreciated way to leave a discreet sign is to personalize the label or the little buckle strap of the tie. In this case also you can choose design, colour or pattern of the front of the tie, and you leave a “signature” just on the little buckle strap of the tie or on the label sewed on the backside of it.
Processing way is by jacquard weaving or, in case of labels,printing also.

cravatta personalizzata con ricamo sul fronte a 2 colori

Jacquard customization of the tail

To finish with the backside personalisations of the tie we present you the last way to do it, on the small back tail of it. As for the front part of the tie, fabric can be woven or printed and you can choose any design, a fantasy or a classical pattern and decide to personalise just the back tail of the tie.

Cravata personalizzata con lavorazione jacquard sul retro sulla coda