Personalised ties

We offer a huge choice of personalised ties in order to be able to meet and exceed your expectations.
In the last few years promotional articles of textile branch, in particular ties, have played an increasingly important role, not just trough company brand which are on them but also through style and character defined from a combination of elements.

Ties scarves and all our accessories, such as pocket handkerchief, bow ties and scarves are strictly made in Italy and they are created with the most suited personalization to the contest. Articles will be perfect for prestigious environments such as institutions and museum, fairs, and more casual ones like clubs company campaigns, or special events.
Starting from our natural materials such as silk, wool, cotton and linen, you can choose colours, institutional or not, and then we elaborate some sketches in order to define design and colour of the article you want.
An “all over” logo, an under knot- or a on-a-tail one are some of the possibilities of customization. Through a CAD elaboration we can show you how your tie can be.

Once we define the design we obtain the jacquardwoven or printed fabric through a meticulous and craft work and immediately after that we start to confection ties.
The created article is accurate, its style is an elegant combination between the chosen kind of fabric, colours, design and, if required, packaging.
Tie’s width goes normally from 8 to 9 cm but could be different as well as the number of flies which could go to 3, like in classical ties, to the famous 7 flies. Ties could be personalized on the visible fabric of the tie or on the backside of it with a customized lining, as well as label.

We are proud to underline that our ties’ and accessories’ production is strictly Made in Italy and it’s made by professionals with more than 30 years of experience, who have shared dexterity of Naples tailoring and quality of the silk factories in Como.

Tessuti cravatte


Fabrics used to realize a tie or an accessory could be different ones. Tie par excellence is made in 100% silk but you’ll discover that there are pleasant alternatives depending on context in which you have to use it

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Personalizzazione cravatte


Woven, printed, jacquard,embroidered. Depending on design and context of use , some techniques are more suitable than others. Let’s make things clear so that you can choose the more suitable technique for your tie.

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Following you’ll find some priced examples of our productions, in which we indicate the used technique and produced quantity. In such a way you can have an idea of the cost of your tie. To have the exact price of your tie though, it is necessary to evaluate the specifications of each case, and then prepare a quotation.

cravatta personalizzata maglia
Technique Knitting
Quantity 50
Composition Cotton
Price € 20,00
cravatta personalizzata poliestere
Technique Printing
Quantity 100
Composition Polyester
Price € 7,70
cravatta personalizzata stampa jacquard
Technique Jacquard - printing
Quantity 100
Composition Silk
Price € 15,50

Beside ties

Beside customized ties we realize other fashion accessories for men and women, with the same processing and very similar specifications. Scarves, handkerchiefs and bow ties are the main alternatives to tie and soon, in order to make our service more complete, we’ll start with a shirts’ collection.

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