At first tie was known and very popular with composition of 100% silk, today it can be realised and personalised in many more fabrics and processes. Silk, mixed silk, wool, linen and cotton with classical or knitted finishing.
In the following lines we will describe shortly the main cloths used to create this wonderful accessory.

100% silk the classic par excellence

The most classical and the most requested. Suitable in all life occasions, especially the most important ones, it can be even colour, “regimental” striped or with a fantasy design artwork. It can give an elegant touch to the casual outfit and it is the main accessory which matches with jackets and shirts.
100% silk composition is suitable with all kind of personalisations and can be realized with a minimum quantity of order of 36 pieces.

Cravatta personalizzata in seta

100% silk knitted

Composition is 100% silk but the knitted processing,compared with the classical silk tie, gives to this one a more casual touch.
Suitable in all seasons , it admits just some of the available customizations due to the special kind of processing.
For this kind of tie it is possible to choose the colours, to attach a personalized label or to embroid a logo or initials in the front of the tie.
Minimum quantity to order this tie is 48 pieces and wherever you want to change colours, you have to consider a minimum of 12 pieces for each colour.

Cravatta personalizzata in seta lavorata a maglia

100% wool gentleman

Tie in 100% wool is more sporty, it has a classical English taste and usually it's worn just in winter. As for the knitted ties, it does not admit all kind of personalisations but just the colour choice and in the personalised labels to sew on the backside or on the buckle-strap of the tie. For the ones who need the logo or customization on the front of the tie, the only way solution is to use a silk-wool fabric:so you will have a wool tasted tie but warp and weft become thinner allowing a jacquard process in the design.
Minimum quantity for this kind of tie is 70 pieces for wool and 36 pieces for silk/wool orders.

Cravatta personalizzata in lana

100% wool knitted

In this case composition is still 100% wool but knitted. It is more casual than the classic wool tie and it is used just in winter also.
As for the silk knitted tie it can be personalised just through colours choice or the sewing of a personalised label, in the small tail or on the buckle-strap of the tie.
Minimum quantity for production of this kind of tie is 48 pieces and you have the chance to choose different colours with a minimum of 12 pieces each.

100% polyester "fake silk"

Aesthetic final result is similar to silk, more polish and less soft. The idea of producing also a polyester tie was born from the demand to reduce costs, when the quantity needed is important.
As for the silk tie, the polyester one is suitable for all kinds of personalisations and it can be jacquard woven or printed. It has the advantage, to the detriment of the silk tie's prestige, that price is lower .
As for the other yarns, silk wool, linen, also for polyester,despite the more promotional use, we have selectioned a high quality fabric of Italian production.
The minimum quantity for this kind of production starts from 50 pieces even if it would be better make an order of minimum 100 pieces, to appreciate money savings.

100% cotton knitted

Made of 100% cotton, this tie is ideal for summer, for a open air party or for an exclusive club in a summer celebration. It's practical and less formal than ties made with other fabrics. As for the other knitted ties it is possible to personalise the yarn colour and broadly the design that they create during the weaving. For the backside it's possible to sew of a customized label, in the small tail or on the buckle-strap of the tie. Minimum quantity is, as for the other knitted ties, 48 pieces, with a minimum of 12 ties each colour.

100% linen "Italian style"

The 100% linen tie is typically Italian, used in summer. When worn it gives an elegance touch even when in jeans or with three-quarter trousers. This fabric allows just the choice of colours or the personalised design but in order to customize it with a specific design or a logo it is necessary to use a mixed silk-linen fabric. Thank to the mixed silk-linen fabric we obtain a very light tie, soft and bright. Production of this kind of tie requires a minimum of 36 pieces and this same quantity for each colour.