Beside ties

Production of personalised ties is the heart of our job for over 30 years but with the same cloths and the same care we realize also other fashion accessories,which are alternative or complementary of the ties. The classical pocket handkerchief for men who wear jackets gives them an elegant touch.
The woman’s scarf, either small,like the one for hostess, or classical. The everlasting bow tie (or butterfly) and we are going to prepare a shirt line, shortly.

Pocket handkerchief

The classical handkerchiefs are made in 100% silk, basically with the same specifications and possibilities of the classical ties.
As an alternative they can be made also with cotton or linen cloth.
Minimum quantity for production is 48 pieces if you choose the smaller size 33x33 cm and 36 pieces for the bigger size, 45x45 cm. Minimum quantity is possible and to evaluate time by time for combined tie- hankerchief -scarf productions.

cravatte pochette


As for ties and pocket handkerchiefs the classical scarf is 100% silk and size is 90x90 cm. It is usually printed on one side and the cloth is surfaced by the colour which is visible on the backside of the scarf also, nuance is just slightly different from the front side one.
In alternative to the classical scarf, we propose cm 50x50 neckerchiefs.
Minim quantity for scarves' orders is 18 pieces for the bigger size and 36 pieces for the smaller one.
It is possible to produce scarves with other fabrics, and , as there are multiple choices based on the number of pattern's colours: we remain at your disposal to study the best solution for you.

Bow ties

The bow tie, or butterflies are small and simple accessories but they have many possibilities to be customized.
They could be made of silk or wool, jacquardwoven or knitted. They can be printed with a pattern or in four-colours technique as the scarves and can be personalised with colours which tie the ones of a team, a company or an event.
Production starts with a minimum quantity of 36 pieces. If you use the same pattern and want to change its colours with a minimum of 12 pieces each colour.

Cravatte personalizzate e papilon